All farms offered for sale are in Nicoya Peninsula, the best teak planting region in Costa Rica. Our farms have been planted with chosen teak seedlings and intensively managed.

Our clients can choose from among several independent farms of areas between 5 and 120 hectares, which have trees that are 2 to 6 years old. During the years following the purchase of the teak plantation, we can offer comprehensive management of all aspects of the business, including harvest and marketing of the teak wood.

The purchased farms are registered in the Registro Nacional, or National Registry, in the name of the buyer, so that he becomes full and rightful owner of the land and teak trees. In this way, foreign investors acquire the same property rights as nationals.

Most farms can be divided into smaller ones that can then be sold. Please inquire for more detailed information.


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Teak farm
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Additionally, we offer the following services:

  • Maintenance and care of the farms
    • Thinning
    • Pruning
    • Weed control
    • Pest control
    • Regular reports
  • FSC-Certification
  • Harvest and marketing of the wood
  • Help with travel arrangements to Costa Rica
  • In-property house construction
  • Assistance with tax and legal questions
  • Help in obtaining a residency permit


Río Montaña

On the bank of the Montaña River lies our finca of the same name. In this project developed by CostaTierra, four farms have already been sold, which has a synergic effect when it comes to farm maintenance and harvesting the wood.

As of now there are two fincas for sale: The larger of the two covers 34.4 hectares of hillside beside Montaña River, as well as flat land by the river. In 2011 we planted teak trees on 16 hectares, and then another 1.2 hectares in 2014. The Montaña River is very suitable for bathing in due to its clear waters.

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Price: US$ 450,000


The smaller farm has a total area of 10 hectares, of which 4 were planted with teak in 2011.

Price: US$ 115,000


Five minutes from the main road between Santa Cruz and Nicoya, and above the town of the same name, lies our project Nambi. Since we acquired this property in 2012, we planted 74 of its 117 hectares of former cattle pastures with teak trees. It is connected to the public power supply and has several water springs. Wonderful views of the Gulf of Nicoya can be enjoyed from the higher elevations of the Finca.

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Price: US$ 1,660,000


A smaller piece of this property can be sold, which consists of 21 hectares, of which 19 were planted with teak in 2013.

Price: US$ 440,000


This farm is centrally located, only 5 km outside the county capital of Santa Cruz, and near Diria National Park. Of a total area of 92 hectares, about 25 were replanted with teak between 2011 and 2015. The rest of the hilly farm is primary and secondary forest, which can be used for either CO2 Certificate or to apply for the Costa Rican government's subsidy for forested lands.

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Preis: US$ 550,000


This 25-hectare Finca was bought by us in 2015 and in August of the same year we replanted 20 hectares with teak trees. The rest of the farm is composed of two smaller tracts of woods and vegetation along the banks of the Sandal River.

Travel paths cross the farm, and it is accessible from two sides. It can be reached from the city of Nicoya in about 30 minutes.

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Preis: US$ 345,000